EMLX to PST Conversion In A Best Way

EMLX to PST Conversion – Is it the Best Way to Move ‘Mail’ Folders to Outlook in Windows?

EMLX to PST Conversion

If you have a lot of folders in your Mac Mail and you are switching you Outlook in Windows, you are going to have a problem in your hands. Most likely you know about the problem, considering you are here.

It’s about transferring the data. It is difficult because the email clients involved are for different operating systems, so they don’t have any pre-built options for users to import/export data. Nor are there native data files being compatible with the other. Mac Mail uses EMLX to store emails and can also use MBOX. But neither EMLX nor MBOX can be imported to Outlook.

All of this lead to EMLX to PST conversion. By converting Mac Mail EMLX files to PST, you can import the data to Outlook. And this is the most common method that many uses.

But the unfortunate part is that it is not the best way if you want to export your emails accurately and like a professional. Each EMLX file can store a single email message; there are as many EMLX files as total emails. And then the attachments store on separate files called EMLXPART files. So, the process of converting EMLX to PST files can get very lengthy and daunting for everyone, and it’s definitely the least effective way to move your emails across these email clients.

EMLX to PST Conversion Tool

So, to answer the question raised in the title above, EMLX to PST conversion is not the best way to move “Mail” folders to Outlook in Windows. It comes with many problems that can not solve easily, if at all.

If that’s disheartening, hear this: there’s a much quicker and more precise way of data migration for this job. It is by “Mail Extractor Pro”, a Mac tool available to try for free that can directly convert emails from the “Mail” database folder (also called profile or identity folder).

emlx to pst conversion

It takes care of every little component that can be stored in an email related database. From images to attachments to headers to Unicode text, everything is dealt with precision.

The tool also is perfect for all sorts of users and scope of data migration projects. Which means that if you are a home user trying to move a reasonable size of Mail folders to Outlook. You can use it without any problems and without getting trap in technical details. But if you are an IT user in some company task with a very large data migration job, you can still use “Mail Extractor Pro” with equally accurate results and ease of use.

USL Software made sure “Mail Extractor Pro” is very sophisticate and yet intuitive to use by everyone.

It’s important to mention that “Mail Extractor Pro” can also convert your emails from many other sources like Thunderbird, Postbox, and even from standard MBOX files to PST. “Apple Mail” is just one of the option for inputting data you want to convert.

Free Trial for EMLX to PST Conversion

Click the given link below to download the setup. You can use it in a free trial mode to find out more about it.

Get it here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/.

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