Migrate EMLX to Thunderbird in 4 Steps and Better Solution!

Migrate EMLX to Thunderbird for Mac / Windows – How to and What is the better alternative for it.

Apple Mail’s EMLX

EMLX is a native data file for Apple Mail. It may come as a surprise to a few of you as the client is more known for MBOX file. But that is not the case anymore.

More confusion arises from the *.mbox file packages that Apple Mail still use but are not the standard MBOX format. What is actually the case is that Apple Mail stores every single email message in a single EMLX file, attachments are stored in EMLXPART, and the entire files are stored in an *.mbox file packages that are more like folders. You cannot use these *.mbox files/folders with other programs.

Migrate EMLX to Thunderbird

This makes the case of why converting or migrating EMLX to Thunderbird isn’t a very good idea. It doesn’t take the attachments into account and you also have to deal with all EMLX files instead of a single archived file.

To deal with this problem, USL Software brings “Mail Extractor Max,” which doesn’t require any such data file. It does support MBOX format (the standard file), but better than that, it can directly convert your emails and attachments and other items associated from the native profile directory automatically.

Quick and Easy

Just select the ‘Auto Load’ option and wait for the tool scan the database and show you all the contents inside it. Then you can manually remove any folder that you don’t want. It is much simpler, quicker, and accurate than dealing with all EMLX files individually. You also don’t want to dig into your database yourself. The tool targets it automatically.

What’s more is that you can also select the backup database folder in the same way as the primary folder. If you have exported Apple Mail database to any other location, just specify the location and select the folder.

Multiple Output Options

Migrate EMLX to Thunderbird

For users who wish to convert through MBOX file, there’s an option too. You just have to first archive Mac Mail to MBOX and then use the tool to convert it into Thunderbird. However, that’s long and unnecessary because Thunderbird can support MBOX directly.

It’s just that with most of the reports that exist on the web have to state that such conversion tactics output more errors than the direct Mail to Thunderbird approach.

Simple & Powerful

“Mail Extractor Max” also makes it case by being very simple to use by beginners. Usually the case is that if a tool is advanced and brings sophisticated features to the table, it gets harder and harder to use by beginners. A non-experienced user often gets overwhelmed as the number of features in a software application increase. But that is definitely not what “Mail Extractor Max” is about.

Advance Logic

Through smart logic and abstraction layers, it has managed to keep both sophistication and simplicity.

EMLX to Thunderbird

If you have to move your emails in a home computer from EMLX or Mac Mail to Thunderbird, you can still use it effortlessly. But if you are an IT professional in a large corporation tasked with a massive database migration, you can benefit from its number of unique and advanced functionality.

The tool supports batch conversion, Unicode content conversion, and more. It also has dedicated algorithms for content like graphical information, MIME headers, non-English email addresses, and more.

How to Migrate EMLX to Thunderbird in 4 Steps

  1. Launch it and click on “Load”
  2. Then Click on “Auto Load”
  3. Choose output format – Thunderbrid
  4. Click on “Convert”

Try it migrate EMLX to Thunderbird

Install it first in a free trial mode that supports up to ten items within each folder. See how it functions with your data and then get a full version to remove the ten-item limit. You won’t be dissatisfied. “Mail Extractor Max” is one of the very few solutions that offer a better alternative for moving Apple Mail data to Thunderbird to an otherwise inaccurate and lengthy EMLX files conversion.

Get trial copy at https://www.mailextractormax.com/

Get ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ to migrate EMLX to Thunderbird for Mac or Windows.