OST to EML Converter Free For Trial – What You Have Wanted Is Now Here!

There are have been many software tools to convert OST to EML, some free, some paid. But none of them brought to the table what the users actually need. These casual converters lack any sense of data safety and precision while processing your important emails and metadata associated with them.

OST to EML Converter Free – The Challenges

If you have previously used one of these free OST to EML converters, you know clearly what they were missing.

For too long, the useful features that make a huge difference in email migration experience have been missing or were provided in an in-comprehensive and terrible user-interfaces that render them meaningless.


  1. An option to get rid of all the empty folders so that the output EML files could be clean and not unnecessary containing folders with no content
  2. Also, a choice for removing any folder you want manually
  3. A detailed conversion report for advanced users
  4. Unicode text support
  5. And more

Without some of these choices and functions, converting OST files to EML can be an unpleasant experience. These may look insignificant on the surface but are a big deal.

Many advanced users in IT dept. have been wanting a converter that could feature these functions. But they are also helpful in basic home projects dealing with email migration. But they were never really offered with proper interface.

That is no more the case.

Best OST to EML Converter (Mac/Win)

“OST Extractor Pro” is now here to download and try for free. It’s the best OST to EML converter that can simplify the task beyond what you’d hoped or expected. From USL Software, it contains everything that has missing until now.


Convert OST to Many Other formats

The converter not only allows OST to EML but also for other formats. For example, you can convert OST files to PST, MBOX, Apple Mail native profile folder, Thunderbird native profile folder, and more.

This effectively makes it a complete email migration tool from Windows Outlook to many other email clients using the complex OST files, something which has been out of reach for as long as Outlook and OST have existed.

Accurate Data Conversion

But that is not all. USL Software went further and not only made it a perfect tool for both basic and advanced users with great features, it also allows converting data without integrity loss. Losing the details of your files like headers and graphics and attachments have always been a massive concern. But with “OST Extractor Pro,” you can let go of that worry.

Priority Support

There is fully expert-backed customer support that you can reach out at any time, day or night. Even though the tool features an intuitive and basic interface, there can be times where you prefer an experts’ hand leading you towards successful conversion results. Especially helpful in work-place database where the problems you are facing are uniquely complex and apply particularly to your case.

ost to eml converter

Easy to Work With

It is easy to install, requires no initial configuration or setup, and works quickly without any extra or additional utilities or add-ons, not even an internet connection is required. Which means, after you download the setup file (below), you can begin the trial in less than a minute. It is a great way to look into its functionality and power in depth and evaluate the worth based on your needs. We are confident that “OST Extractor Pro” is everything you have wanted, and more!

ost to eml converter free

How to Convert OST to EML

  1. Launch ‘OST Extractor Pro in Mac or Windows.
  2. Click on “Add OST’.
  3. Browse and select One or multiple OST file.
  4. Check Optional settings.
  5. Choose output format as EML File.
  6. Then Click on “Convert”.

Get this OST to EML converter today that works on both Mac and Windows.