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Fastest and easiest Thunderbird to Outlook converter free trial version available to download now. By USL Software, the tool will make a task that’s supposed to bey very difficult by other means, a quick and painless process.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Users often struggle to find a good Thunderbird to Outlook converter that can convert data accurately. Not anymore. USL Software has a sharp tool that is not only powerfully precise but also an intuitive solution to an otherwise daunting process.

Both beginners and experts can get the best out of their conversion process through this tool. Because of the unique features offered for more advanced projects and yet a surprisingly intuitive UI for anyone who is just looking to move few folders from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac

It is “Mail Extractor Pro” and in its fullness. It’s a utility for Mac users to convert any email client data (in Mac OS) to PST files, where PST is a Windows Outlook native data file. It developed keeping all the complications of email migration in mind. The developers have innovated their ways into the perfect and seamless solution for the job.

thunderbird to outlook converter

With most Thunderbird to Outlook free converters, you will find that they are often limiting in their functionality. If one aspect has been built to satisfaction, it will be lacking in some other. The most often overlooked aspect is the interface. To make the tool powerful and full of useful features, developers either fail to or ignore that part where a user is using those powerful features to save time. So, with a cluttered UI, the end goal is nullified by too confusing UI. It might take you a lot of time to go through the process correctly.

Easy & Power full

If a tool is easy to use, it might not have the necessary power and functionality you need to convert data productively. There are many simple file converters but the email migration is much more than that. You need options that you can check to output the data in ways that fit your needs. For instance, many users have empty folders and converting all of them may not be what they need. But with ordinary solutions, there is no way to get all of them exclude from output, at least not quickly.

thunderbird to outlook converter free

This is where “Mail Extractor Pro” shines. It does have a very simple UI but the functionality has no limits in any sense. You can essentially do anything that requires during email migration. From manually removing folders from output, to ignore all empty folders in a single click, or to convert data in bulk, you get to choose how your output data to be.

On top of that, the tool has the most precise algorithms. This ensures that all complex information is converted. Including: metadata, email headers, MIME content, Unicode content, images, attachments, email addresses, folder hierarchy, and nested emails.

thunderbird to outlook

Get Thunderbird to Outlook Converter Free Trial

All these elements are not possible to convert from Thunderbird to Outlook PST files without losing the details through ordinary means. But “Mail Extractor Pro” has no problem with them. It keeps the entire output database similar to the input without any loss or modification.

The Thunderbird to Outlook Converter free trial version is available to download now here.