Email migration using ‘OST Extractor Pro’. Available for windows/Mac!!!

Make email migration easy and export your OST files to other email clients. Make it possible by converting the files into PST format.

Email Migration while migrating the OST files to other clients.

Unfortunately, user can’t export the files to the other clients directly. OST file format are not compatible with all the client servers. They can be used offline but when it is the case of migrating the OST from one server to the other, it becomes really difficult for the user. There is no way to open the OST files in outlook or any live server because the format is not supported in those email client servers. The only way to export data of OST files is to first convert the files to the PST format and then export the data to the required client.

Email Migration from OST files to PST files:

Now the OST files can be easily converted to the PST format using OST Extractor Pro. PST file format can be opened in outlook. For other mac clients, the files have to be converted to the apple mac format. Don’t worry, OST Extractor Pro has managed to take care of all the problems.

email migration

OST Extraction Pro can convert the OST files into different formats:

  1. OST to PST format.
  2. Outlook OST to Apple Mail.
  3. Outlook OST to Thunderbird.
  4. OST to Postbox.
  5. OST to EML.

The OST extractor pro by USL software is the most trusted tool for email migration. It gives guarantee of 100% recovery of the data. Also, it takes full responsibility of protecting the files.

The data is totally safe and far from data theft. There is no chance that the data will be lost while exporting the data. These unique functionalities of the tool make it No.1 and people enjoy working with the tool without any worry.

Main features that make OST Extractor Pro ‘Unique!’

  • Guarantees to recover all the data.
  • Maintains the integrity of the data i.e. the consistency and the accuracy of the data.
  • Money back Guarantee.
  • Safe platform to work on.
  • Trusted tool with no data loss.
  • Can be used for both windows and Mac.
  • Used to convert the files into formats supported by windows as well as Mac.

OST Extractor Pro is-> EASY, SAFE AND SECURE.

OST Extractor Pro available for windows as well as Mac.

email migration tool

Start working with the email migration tool:

Get the trial version now. You can now test the features of the tool in the trial mode. Get all the functionalities check. It is very simple. Get the setup from the link. Install it and start exporting your file in required format. There is no configuration required for the trial mode, you can do it once you finish launching the software. When you get  satisfied, go for the full version. Download the trial version from the link below->

Get your copy at

Download the email migration software anytime from the link given below:

Download the software and get all the features of the tool. Convert as many files you wish to convert. Hurry up and start working on most secure platform.

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If you are looking ost to pst converter for email migration, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ today.