Export Thunderbird to PST (Tips for individuals)!

Do you wish to export Thunderbird to PST? If yes, then we have the perfect pathway to it. Here are some tips for the users to ensure they get the best results at the end of their conversion tasks.

Export Thunderbird to PST

To begin with, it is utmost important to choose a Thunderbird to PST converter tool for this arduous task. Choosing to do so manually is not only time consuming but also sheer waste of effort as the users get undesirable results most of the times. Thus, making use of a proficient email converter tool confirms the creation of perfect replicas of the data files. Our sole recommendation in this regard would be USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro!

export thunderbird to pst

This tool is user-friendly and therefore suitable for every kind of user, regardless of their technological understanding of the process. And the good thing about using Mail Extractor Pro to export Thunderbird to PST is that it comes in a FREE demo trial mode. This version helps the users to test out its major features and thus to satiate themselves with its capabilities to export Thunderbird to PST.

Thunderbird to PST Export

In order to get details on the best of its features and their optimal utilization, read through the next section.

Getting the best of all features to export Thunderbird to PST task!

With Mail Extractor Pro it becomes extremely easy to export Thunderbird to PST; thanks to the brilliant set of features embedded onto it. The following pointers discuss how the users can make the most of such features while exporting Thunderbird to PST!

Thunderbird Export to PST
  • Convert multiple files at once: This feature must be utilized to convert several files in one go. The users can save enormous amount of time and effort with this option.
  • Use Auto Load feature: This feature has been included to ensure that nothing is left behind. Additionally, the users are saved from the trouble of archiving their databases for the conversion task. The tool automatically extracts the files from the default directories.
  • Converts multiple formats: The users must be aware that using this tool alone they can convert Apple mail, MBOX, Postbox, and Thunderbird to PST.
  • Split large PST files: Another interesting feature is the option to split large PST files. It is advised to limit the size of the output files to 15GB.
  • Customize final content: Even after the upload of the data files, the users have full control over what gets converted. By selecting and deselecting the files and folders from the display window, the users can finalize the content for the task to export Thunderbird to PST.
  • Customer helpline: In case of any trouble, the users can get in touch with friendly 24*7 customer care agents.
  • Perfect algorithms to convert everything: The users need not worry about the conversion of items on their files. This tool has perfect algorithms to convert everything such as attachments, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, etc.

Thus, one gets to have a splendid experience as well as fabulous results with this tool.

export thunderbird to pst file

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