Thunderbird Converter to PST (Microsoft Outlook Mac/Windows)

If you have been looking around for a Thunderbird converter to PST that can be procured absolutely free of cost then we have the answer for you. The well established USL software has created yet another mind-boggling tool that can be utilized as a Thunderbird converter to PST.

Thunderbird Converter to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is the tool that gives out excellent results in Thunderbird to Outlookconversions. This Thunderbird converter to PST has been rolled out in a version that can be utilized by the individuals at zero cost. The free trial version can be downloaded by anyone who wishes to experience the features of this Thunderbird converter to PST.

Thunderbird Converter to PST

And the best part is that all the features of the full version can be found in this one. There is one little restriction on the number of files though! Only 10 files per folder can be converted using the free trial version. However, isn’t it still a great deal to get to use a Thunderbird converter to PST for free?

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Here’s the most notable features

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Accurate Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro is a Thunderbird converter to PST that can convert absolutely any content present on the files!

Mail Extractor Pro is not an ordinary tool. It has exemplary qualities that are rarely found in any converter in this price range. Let us tell you that this is meant to be a good thing for you. It means that you pay less and get much more in exchange. Being a Thunderbird converter to PST, Mail Extractor Pro has special algorithms to combat the tricky conversions that come along due to incompatibility issues between Thunderbird and Outlook.

Preserve Email Contents

When it comes to emails, these comprise of various smaller components that are to be transformed from Thunderbird to PST by the Thunderbird converter to PST. There are not one or two but infinitely many elements that fall into this category. Some of the examples are metadata, nested messages, timestamps, read/unread status, attachments, Unicode content, MIME headers, etc. This conversion entails so much more than what meets the eye. As such, the Thunderbird converter to PST must be well equipped for the job.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The great thing about Mail Extractor Pro is that it has all that it takes to create perfect replicas of the input files. This Thunderbird converter to PST is also able to maintain the folder hierarchy structure. Additionally, it addresses the concerns of the users pertaining to data loss.

Thunderbird Converter to PST Free Trial

Thunderbird Converter

What is more is that this Thunderbird converter to PST has a very unique conversion process. With only a few steps to follow, the user can understand and sail through the entire thing within a few minutes time. And of course in that take away perfectly converted files by this Thunderbird to PST converter. So if anyone wants perfect Thunderbird to Outlook converter then this is the most appropriate Thunderbird converter to PST for them!