“Mail Extractor Pro” to Transfer Postbox to PST – Simple but Works!

Mail Extractor Pro” is a simple software application to convert Postbox to PST files so you can import data into Outlook, both Mac and Windows version. It is simple but it works.

Transfer Postbox to PST

The tool is built for both high-end and basic users. It introduces an autoload mechanism that scans and picks up your Postbox “Profile” database. This straight conversion from the source has a profound impact on your comfort, data accuracy, and speed.

The typical way of moving contents across various email clients is through file conversion. A users is required to manually find and then load the files on to a third-party converter, sometimes one file at a time. That is long outdated approach now, and with “Mail Extractor Pro,” you do not have to deal with it anymore.

It is worth mentioning before we move further that the tool has many other options for converting data from other sources to PST as well: Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and MBOX.

transfer postbox to PST

Now, let us look at what how it differs from other software apps:

  1. Contains correct processing mechanism for the folders and their placement within the hierarchy. Without “Mail Extractor Pro,” you are likely to find your folder hierarchy lost or at least, not matching up with the original.
  2. The ability to convert text from all the places and in all the languages makes it the most used worldwide software app for the job. It can natively support Unicode standard (the universal standard to encode world’s most languages and writing systems in digital format). This includes Chinese characters too, both inside the email bodies and in headers.
  3. The speed with which it can transfer Postbox to PST is marvelous. Many users find the traditional tools repelling mainly because they are too slow and they consume your precious time. In this day and age, the fast speed could be the most helpful and appreciate feature.
  4. Large database? Do not worry. With the powerful framework at the tool’s core, it manages to handle complex and massive files with ease, without ever freezing or crashing. Furthermore, it gives you the choice to avoid getting large output PST files. You can set the size that you think is appropriate as maximum, and the tool splits the files that cross that limit.

How to transfer Postbox to PST

The simplicity can be realized from the tutorial that follows below. Notice how it does not require to go through any tutorials or learning-curve:

  1. Once installed, launch the app and click on ‘Load’ next to Thunderbird/Postbox
  2. Choose ‘Postbox’ as your input source from the dropdown menu
  3. Choose ‘Autoload’ to select your main Postbox ‘Profile’ folder (Here you will also get ‘Open’ option which allows you to manually pick any other Postbox database from backup locations)
  4. You can remove any folders that you do not want to convert.
  5. Click ‘Convert’ and you will get clean and accurate PST files in no time.

If you are ready to start moving all contents from Postbox to PST and thus, to Outlook, give the trial edition a shot. It works without any activation or initial configuration. Just download the setup file, install it, and begin.

Try it today!

postbox to pst transfer

Get it today and export Mac Mail to Outlook, Thunderbird, MBOX, Postbox to PST for Mac/Windows Outlook. You can also try it, if you are looking MBOX to OLM converter. Because Mac Outlook support both PST and OLM file formats.

Contact the support team if you have any queries. They are also always ready to assist you during the conversion process, if you do feel you need a hand regarding anything.