Import Ost To Thunderbird – How Not To Exhaust Yourself!

We all know how hard “change” can be; change regarding almost anything. If you have ever moved to a different place, you know what we are talking about. Shifting all the stuff including modifying your addresses with post and dozens of other procedures can take a toll.

Switching your services is in the same realm too, even software services.

The one particular type of change we are concerned with here is changing your email clients. When you jump over to a new email client, it is hard enough to acclimatize to new interface. But the worse part is moving all the emails and other data as well.

Since not many email clients share a common data file or offer any direct official feature to import/export the data across, such email migration task can become very tiring and difficult.

One such task is about import OST to Thunderbird.

Both clients work on different platforms – Outlook on Windows and Thunderbird on Mac. So, there is no way to directly import and export the emails, like you can do with web browsers on the same computer. But also, since they do not a use a single file common file, just moving data manually using the files is also out of question, like you can do between Thunderbird and Apple Mail since they share common MBOX file.

Way to Import OST to Thunderbird

The only solution left is to convert the OST file to Thunderbird compatible file format using third-party OST converter, where OST is the Outlook file.

OST Extractor Pro” is the one that we recommend. It is one of the few converters that can handle all complex information from your files and process it cleanly. Subpar OST to Thunderbird converter can make a mess of your data and structure, called data integrity loss. Now you can be free of all worries of losing you important content inside the mails.

Import OST to Thunderbird

The tool is also one of the quickest. It can convert a large OST file in no time, which is a massive feature considering many email migration tools are sluggishly slow and could make a dent in your productivity. The speed with which it processes the information does not hamper the other areas of the task like stability and accuracy.

import outlook ost to thunderbird

There are many features that otherwise you would not get anywhere else. Such as Unicode support, accurate folder tracing, detailed conversion log, adaptive scripts for metadata and headers, and more. All of them are integrated cleanly into an intuitive UI that works perfectly for basic home users as well. One of the only converters that is fitting in all scenarios and for levels of users.

OST Extractor Pro works on Mac & Windows to convert OST to PST, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Postbox, Apple Mail, EML, MBOX, ICS, VCF etc file formats.

Importing Outlook OST to Thunderbird can be very tough, but thanks to OST Extractor Pro, it not going to be a concern anymore.

Get it to import OST to Thunderbird

Get a setup here, install, and run it in a free trial mode to check out features up close. It lets you convert ten items from each folder inside the selected OST file.

How it works

  1. Launch ‘OST Extractor Pro’.
  2. Click on Add OST.
  3. Locate OST file and click on “Open”
  4. Select Output format as Thunderbird, *.VCF, *.ICS
  5. Click on “Convert”

Other tools

Outlook also uses PST files, which is more suited for personal data operations including migration, backup, archiving, etc. But for this post, we only focused on OST file. If it is the PST file you want to import to Thunderbird, get “PST Extractor Pro,” which is pretty similar to “OST Extractor Pro” except it converts PST. It is also available for free to try it out.