Mac Mail to PST Converter Tool that Cleverly Accommodates to Both Everyday Users and IT guys!

IF this is your first-time migrating data using a Mac Mail to PST converter tool or 100th, you are going to find that “Mail Extractor Pro” tool is the best way to do this. The well-defined and polished GUI cleverly accommodates the needs, expertise, and experience of everyone, including the whole range of email users and their tech background or lack thereof.

Mac Mail to PST Converter Tool

Mac Mail to PST Converter

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is the kind of a Mac Mail to PST converter tool that does not compromise with anything in order to provide something else.

Due to this reason, you will constantly find Mail Extractor Pro at the top of the recommended lists of best Mac Mail to PST converter by regular users and as well as IT gurus.

So now that we have talked about how it can work in the favor of everyone no matter how less or more experienced they are, let’s see in specifics what are the reasons, the features, and its aspects that actually give the tool its power.

The features

  1. Load the default and primary Mac Mail database automatically: One of the biggest features that everyone loves is the ability to load the default Mac Mail Profile database and get it ready for conversion in just one click. Let go of the overly complex methods to input and select the data for migration.
  2. Besides autoloading mechanisms, it also lets you select any backup database from any location, like in an external USB. If the main database is not what you need to convert to Outlook PST files, you can choose this option.
  3. Also lets you convert MBOX to PST. Some Mac Mail users do not have the primary database with the source files, but they do have the archived MBOX format, such as generated by the Time Machine backup feature of Mac Mail. Those users can load MBOX files to convert into PST.
  4. Integrated Unicode support to not miss or skip any text that may be in other languages. Certain languages that use double-byte characters are hard to convert and process during email Migration. One example would be Chinese languages and the variants such as Vietnamese and Korean. But this tool has smart algorithms to work with the entire Unicode standard and to convert emails in whatever language they are in.+
  5. It also traces the folder hierarchy from Mac Mail to PST and retains the hierarchy. Every folder and the sub-folders inside them will be safely converted in exact arrangement.
  6. The speed of conversion is an overlooked feature of most Mac Mail to PST converter tools, but not with this one. “Mail Extractor Pro” is lightning fast even in low spec computer. (note that the precise speed depends on many other factors)
  7. Inbuilt PST file splitter that doesn’t let you have large PST files. You can manually set the limit which you think is an appropriate size in your computer and exact conditions.

If, you are looking for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX or EML converter, then try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

Get it to convert Mac Mail to PST

Convert Mac Mail to PST

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Mail Extractor Pro” is an elegant, slick, and user-centric software app to convert Mac Mail to PST files. The free trial can give you a peek at its true power, which is that it caters to the needs of both basic regular users and the high-end IT users with complex email migration tasks at hand. Whoever you are and whatever your level of email migration experience – you will find the tool to be the best Mac Mail to PST converter that has all the essentials within a very neat and friendly interface.