EML Converter for Mac That’s Fast and Easy to Use!

Mail Extractor Pro” is the finest EML converter for Mac from USL Software that has all the features you need for a seamless conversion of your data files.

EML Converter for Mac (Features)

eml converter for Mac

Here are its top features:

Simple Installation procedure:

Unlike other EML converter for Mac tools, this one can be installed in less than two minutes. No complex installation procedures, no initial configuration or setup required. Just click on “next” on the installation wizard and you will be all set.

Simple Interface:

Another feature that often gets ignored with other ordinary EML converter tools is a simple and user-friendly interface. Not the case with “Mail Extractor Pro.” You get an easy to follow and understand UI that works brilliantly and is user-friendly for users with email migration experience or lack thereof.

Unified Algorithms for data accuracy:

Mail Extractor Pro” is capable of converting all items and details from your EML flies to PST, including images/graphics, attachments, cloud-based files, MIME and SMTP headers, metadata, links, email addresses, text formatting, and nested emails, thanks to its smart and unified algorithms that can process information without losing the integrity.

Converts text in any language:

The tool natively supports converting the Unicode encoding based text, including from headers. Unicode is the universal standard used for encoding text in almost all of today’s languages and writing systems, including special characters.

Correct Folder mapping:

Most EML converter for Mac fail to keep the structure or hierarchy of folders same as original, which can make the management of data difficult. “Mail Extractor Pro” can correctly map the folders and keep the structure intact.

Fast Conversion:

No matter how many and how large EML files you have for conversion to PST, “Mail Extractor Pro” will work with a lighting fast speed, making sure your productivity is not lost during the process. It’s the fastest tool you can find, the one that also does not compromise with stability and accuracy.

PST file splitter:

The tool has an in-built PST file splitter so that you do not have to rely on other software in case your PST files are huge. When you convert EML to PST, just specify how large a PST you are okay with. The tool will then split any file that crosses your specified size limit.

And as last, the tool comes with services like technical support, personal and commercial licenses, and free lifetime updates. With the help of its amazing features and all the rest that USL Software offers, you will never have to worry about EML file to Outlook (PST) conversion. “Mail Extractor Pro” is the near perfect application that will help you convert your files the way you want it – quickly, with precision, and with safety.

eml converter tool

If you want to find out more, get the trial version first, which lets you try out all the features but converts ten emails from each folder inside EML files.