How to convert EML to PST files – Safety and Accuracy Guaranteed!

How to convert eml to pst file format with safe, secure and accurately? Read this to know more about it.

What is EML file?

EML are the files first used by Windows Live Mail. Today it is commonly used to store email messages and is used by many email clients and other similar applications. However, unfortunately, EML cannot be used with Outlook Mac or Windows version.

What is PST file

Outlook by Microsoft in Windows uses the proprietary and native file called PST, short for “Personal Storage Table.” Mac Outlook uses OLM file for the same purpose, but the good part is that it can use PST for data import as well.

How to convert eml to pst files

But the problem with this is that it is very difficult to convert EML to PST files. Both files are very different from each other. Any converter you employ for this job needs highly calibrated and refined processing logic that can consider the complexity of email data files. Because in most cases it is reported that generic converters fail to process information like email headers, graphics, hyperlinks, metadata, and large attachments.

Other than the issue of complete and precise conversion, most EML to PST converters are also hard to use, unstable, slow, and lack any professional tech support by the developers.

The tool, you need

Keeping all those issues in mind, USL Software developed ‘Mail Extractor Pro’. to resolve any challenges faced during this task. ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ is the only tool in this category that is able to convert data with precision and keep the integrity preserved. It also features a simple to use interface that requires no technical expertise. All the sophisticated options available in the tool have been laid out smartly under a single-screen UI that makes intuitive sense, even when you use it for the first time.

convert eml to pst

It can convert other formats too…

Also note that ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ is not just to convert EML to PST files. It can also convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox databases directly from the Profile directory (no files needed). The way it is designed brings the most clean and precise output possible, without any data errors or gaps. The most important elements like folder hierarchy, large attachments, graphics, and more are all picked up by the tool and process them from EML to PST in no time.

Advance and accurate conversion

On final note, it has native Unicode text conversion support. Most traditional EML to PST conversion utilities only support US-based ASCII encoding standard, which results in multiple errors for content in other languages. That’s not the case with ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘. You will find that it easily converts text, even from the email headers, that are in languages such as Chinese and Korean, which are double-bye characters based languages and are usually very tricky to process.

how to convert eml to pst

Get the trial copy

Try the free version of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today and you can see all these features in action. It is a Mac OS X based software. For full version, there are multiple licensing options, such as personal, household, and commercial.

how to convert eml to pst files

If you are looking for EML or MBOX to PST converter, then ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ will help you for accurate, safe and safe email conversion..

Now you can download it for your evaluation from the official website – It is super easy and self guided software. There is no manual required. It can be operated by newbie as well. The free trial will gives you clear idea on how to convert em to pst file for Mac and Windows Outlook.