How to Not Let the Task to Add Apple Mail to Outlook Completely Derail, which it Often Does?

Add Apple Mail to Outlook, it means moving all the folders with emails and other items into Outlook email client, mostly Windows. But you will find that the task does not often flow smoothly and without hiccups. It is quite difficult and time consuming to get the emails and other items exported to a client that does not share any common data file with the original client.

Apple Mail and Outlook

In this case, Apple Mail and Outlook are two very dissimilar software/clients used for emailing needs along with other purposes. The data files from both clients are not interchangeable and compatible with the other one. Apple Mail uses EMLX as a raw file for storing a single email message and it uses MBOX as a format for archived data. And neither file works with the Outlook.

Outlook in Windows uses PST and Outlook in Mac uses OLM and PST format both. Therefore, what works is first converting MBOX to PST and then importing PST to Outlook Mac/Windows. But even this approach can go completely off the rails and resulting in poor outcome like broken files and loss of integrity of the emails. Without a proper software tool at your disposal, such conversion/migration can be hard on users.

Add Apple Mail to Outlook

But today we are discussing one such approach that do not let it happen. It lets you convert MBOX to PST which you can use both Mac and Windows Outlook. But it also has another feature that is far more accountable for making the tool as the best and most recommended one to add Apple Mail to Outlook by converting the file to PST. We will discuss about that feature below.

It’s the best

The tool is called ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ and is developed by USL Software. What it does the best is let you select the primary database of Apple Mail which is the folder with the name ‘Mail’ inside users’ library directory. This is called profile or identity of the database and this is where all the contents are stored by the client. By choosing to convert straight from the source, you are free of other unnecessary and time-consuming steps, such as finding EMLX files or archiving emails to MBOX.

Add Apple Mail to Outlook

Note that MBOX to PST conversion is an option available with “Mail Extractor Pro” but it is more recommended for other scenarios (like MBOX from Google Takeout or from other sources). If your goal is to add Apple Mail to Outlook, you must pick the ‘Autoload’ option to let the tool pick up all your emails from the main source called Profile/Identity.

It’s accurate

This not only makes things easier and quicker, but also has a profound effect on the accuracy of the process. You will never find a single missing element, which is quite common in such migration tasks if you are using an ordinary software. Loss of images, attachments, metadata, headers, etc. is common and the most dreaded outcome of such processes. But which is also now completely avoided if you use “Mail Extractor Pro.”

Adding Apple Mail to Outlook

It’s easy

The interface makes much quicker even for beginners. If you doubt that, get the setup file below and install. Don’t worry; you do not need to get the licensed version to check it out. The free version converts only ten emails from each folder within the Apple Mail database, but that poses no restriction on you to try out the features and interface for as long and as thorough you want.