Import OST to Windows Live Mail (Remarkably Candid way)!

To get your data files across different email clients can quickly turn into a chaotic affair. Importing OST to Windows Live Mail is equally vulnerable to this. Depending on what tool or method you employ, the range of painful outcomes like data loss could be huge.

Because Windows Live Mail does not accept OST, only EML format for importing data, the user often begins in a state of confusion and anxiety. IN fact, OST is not applicable within its own environment of Windows Outlook for manual data import. It only works internally and automatically.

And the thought of data loss or missing even a single element could be very distressing. Therefore, every email migration task is often a tensed event, but necessary to deal with, if you are switching your emailing software.

Import OST to Windows Live Mail

But today the good news is that there is a remarkably simple, candid way to import OST to Windows Live Mail, in fact, to most other email clients. This approach favors the advanced, modern, and effective system of information extractor over the old and sloppy methods. We are talking about a desktop-based software app called ‘OST Extractor Pro;’ that can you install in a heartbeat and get the data in OST moved to Live Mail before others with less effective solutions have even begun.

import ost windows live mail

It comes from USL Software, the leading source of such complicated software applications. They have a unique and unconventional category of tools, all designed to eradicate the challenge of migration projects that otherwise typical tools fail to. USL Software brings their years of expertise into ‘OST Extractor Pro’ to finally resolve the OST to Windows Live Mail situation once and for all.

Note: it converts OST to EML, which you can then import to the ‘Live Mai’ client easily.

If you have had experience with projects of this sort, you would immediately find the reasons as to why the tool is critically acclaimed for this project of data migration.

  1. Right from the very first step – installation – you can see the simplicity with which everything flows. There is no abstruse course for installation or to set it up for the first time. It’s literally clicks – install – launch – use, without any of the fuss of multi-layered inputs/processes that other techniques employ.
  2. On the second step, the right after staring it up, the interface gives a clear view of the tool’s way of working. You need not occupy the precious time getting to know any of the deep technical jargon, or what the data files mean, or any of that. The systematic wizard that guides the process forward is simple enough for even the non-experienced user with none of the tech savviness. If you want to know in specific terms how it helps, here is a brief tutorial:
    • Select the OST files you want to convert
    • Select the folders within those files that you want to convert
    • Choose ‘EML’ as output (because it can also convert OST to PST, MBOX, Thunderbird. Etc.)
  3. And to get to the point, upon completion of the entire process, you would also notice the precision of its output right away, which is free of any incongruities or gaps in data. Where other tools fail to convert all the emails properly (data integrity loss), “OST Extractor Pro” manages to keep even the most complicated metadata and structure fully intact.
import ost to windows live mail

Try it to Import OST to Windows Live Mail

This is truly the professional way of importing OST to Windows Live Mail without learning the background information on the processes that go on behind the screens. You can get the free trial version to get started with testing it out on your own terms. No other approach to convert these files come even close in terms of the speed, ease, and accuracy that this application offers to you.

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