Cannot Open OST in Outlook? Luckily, there is Something You Can Do!

Cannot open OST in Outlook? That is because it is an internal file not meant for such purposes like import, export, archive, or backup. OST stands for offline storage table and is a type of PST file, except that you can import PST (short for ‘Personal Storage Table.’)

If you cannot open ost in Outlook…

The answer is converting OST to PST files. Once that is done, you can open PST directly by Outlook Windows and Mac version both.

But such a conversion can be tricky. Due to the nature of these files, it can get complicated to convert data cleanly and making sure the structure of your folders remains same. It can also consume time if you are not careful or if you are using an ordinary file converter tool from an unreliable source.

To avoid all that, we suggest ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ one highly praised OST to PST converter tool, featuring every option and precise algorithms for pro-level migration results. There are many aspects of the tool that has made it one of the best choices out there to do this job and it appeals to not just basic home users but advanced users too.

Note that, the tool can convert ost file into Outlook supported PST file as well as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML, ICS & VCF file format.

cannot open ost in outlook

Developed by USL Software, the tool manages to sit at a fine balance of sophistication and simplicity. With its friendly UI but advanced features, everyone will be able to move data in Outlook the way it want to.

Four pillars of ‘OST Extractor Pro’:

There are four main reasons of its popularity:

  1. Easy
  2. Safe
  3. Fast
  4. Accurate

#1 Easy

Many converters can become tricky and confusing to use due to poorly designed interfaces without a clear and systematic procedure user can follow. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ is different, with a neat and clean interface that will make the entire task seamless.

#2 Safe

The security measures of the tool ensure that data is always protected and you will not face one of the most devastating outcomes of email migration. Emails can be one of the most sensitive and private data and the tool is build to respect that fact.

#3 Fast

Time is an asset. If you are worried that converting OST to PST will take up a lot of your time unnecessarily, you can finally let go of such thoughts. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ is based on a fast algorithm-network that runs smoothly and produces the outcome in a record-breaking time, even with large files.

#4 Accurate

The inner-logic and framework that works with your emails and every fine detail yield in files exactly like the input. Whatever your OST files had in store, the output PST will reflect the same data and in the same structure.

open ost file in outlook

Here are some more of the important details of the app:

  • Works without internet
  • Also converts OST to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, and EML
  • No initial setup or configuration required. Just install and run
  • Negligible CPU consumption during the conversion
  • Real time progress bar
  • Conversion log/report (both brief and detailed)
  • Batch conversion of multiple OST files supported
  • Lifetime free updates offered
  • Multiple licensing options to activate the full version
ost in outlook

Get free trial to open ost in Outlook

The link for the download is given below. You can install and run it in a free trial mode at first to get a much clearer view of its workings and potential before full activation.

open ost in outlook

‘OST Extractor Pro’ is also cross-platform, available for both Mac OS and Windows that allows you to convert ost to pst without Outlook.