Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail Conversion

Many users struggling trying to get Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail. It’s technically not possible because PST is a proprietary format by Microsoft only for Outlook but there are other ways to import data in PST. Here’s how!

Windows Outlook PST

PST is a file used by Outlook to store data (along with OST file). It’s short for personal storage table and is a proprietary file format from Microsoft. It cannot be used in any other email client than Outlook itself (though you can use it as import file in Mac Outlook). So naturally, if you need Outlook data to export to Mac Mail, this could be a problem.

You can choose to convert PST to other files that Mac Mail can import. But this sort of data conversion of email files is complicated and too hard for beginners.

Convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail

The truth is: it doesn’t have to be. Even though PST/Outlook and Mac Mail differ quite significantly, a well-developed email conversion software can lead you to the goal smoothly.

But as with most effective solutions, they don’t exist in multitude. And you may have to struggle to find them, spend a lot of time in trial and error, and then may be you can get your hands on something that works.

This article is sort of an end to that tiring process of finding a professional tool that can let you get your Windows Outlook PST file to Mac Mail. The rest of the article below will talk in detail about a file converter for PST files work and what are all of its features are that had made it the most recommended way to go about this data exporting task.

Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail Converter

Called “PST Extractor Pro,” it is available to try for free. Get the setup file here and install. You can directly start converting PST to Mac Mail if you are comfortable in doing so. It’s a much better way to find out about any software tool. But if you are a beginner who wants to know more or you are just not ready to install anything yet, continue reading about “PST Extractor Pro” below.

Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail

Gets data in PST files to “Mail” Folder:

Many PST file converters will give you MBOX or other formats for importing to Mac Mail. But “PST Extractor Pro” gives you the “Mail” folder directly. You can simply import it back to the Mac Mail database.

How to use it:

Using “PST Extractor Pro” is extremely simple; thanks to the intuitive interface. Load your PST files you want to convert, choose folders to convert (or remove those you don’t want to convert), check other optional settings and change them as you wish, and click “Convert.” It will start the conversion process and will give you accurate Mac Mail folder to import.

Outlook PST to Mac Mail

Complete Conversion:

Anything involving data is often filled with concerns of data loss. PST to Mac Mail isn’t different. But this tool has accurate algorithms that will convert every single data item within PST files. It has special logic to deal with more intricate parts like Unicode text, headers, MIME content, graphical objects, and so on. All of these gets converted and you get 100% clean and precise data output.

Other Features:

There are additional options available to customize the output according to what you want. 1. Save read/unread emails separately. 2. Merge contacts per folder to a single VCF file. 3. Merge calendar per folder to a single ICS file. 3. Split MBOX files (if you are converting PST to MBOX).

PST to Mac Mail Converter

Other output formats available:

This post was focused on how to get Outlook PST to Mac Mail, but the tool can convert PST to other files too like for Outlook Mac and Entourage (RGE format), Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and PST to EML files.

Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail Conversion

USL Tech Support:

The team of experts ready to help you at any time cannot be priced. For some complex issues or queries, you can rely on the tech support of USL Software.

Download the installer file for PST Extractor Pro here and use it in a free trial mode to see it working in action before activating.