How to Pick the Best Mac EML Converter That Will Work for You?

If you go start looking for Mac EML converters, you will find many. Which is a good news for any user. Lots of options are always good. But when it comes to email migration applications, it can also make things more difficult. How do you know which one to get for your specific needs?

Most of Mac EML converters are either built with poor algorithms or are so expensive because they are only custom-built for large corporate needs.

Mac EML Converter

This post will shed some light on what to know before getting a Mac EML converter to convert your EML files to PST. By the end, you will have the right idea about such converter software and which one will work without any risk or partial output.


Firstly, one of the most important ingredient a Mac EML converter should have is being able to convert EML data without missing any thing from it. That much should be obvious. But it is not a common quality to find in many such converters. Because an EML file can be complex and full of data types, you will find many such tools to be able to convert data only partially. They can miss out on things like images, attachments, headers, and so on.

Make sure the Mac EML converter you want to get has smart and high-end logic that processes the EML data with precision. Only few professional converters can claim to offer 100% completion of data conversion. That’s why migrating email data is often an intimidating task for many because email is something that is very sensitive and personal to almost all email users, and the fact that many email migration tools do not convert every single item often puts them off.

Easy to use

Secondly, as with any other kind of software, the Mac EML converter should not only be packed with useful features, but its interface should be that you can apply those features wherever necessary. A simple and user-friendly interface is a very basic ingredient of a successful software, but for Mac EML converters, it is even more so.


Thirdly, there should be some kind of a technical support. Even with the easiest and safest of all, many users often need help of an expert who can guide them towards the right direction. Especially, if you have large and multiple EML files to migrate, it would be comfortable to know that you can reach out to the support staff at anytime and resolve whatever queries you might have. As a bonus, the best software companies also offer TeamViewer help and can even help you directly through that.

Bug free

Lastly, the Mac EML converter must be free of any bugs, do not have high demand for your computer resources, have simple and quick installation without complicated setups, and must work freely without any hiccups like freezing or hanging. Nothing is worse than to see a software stuck on 99% progress or just at any time. The underlying purpose is to save time and be more efficient and the poorly optimized software can really be annoying.

A task like converting EML data file to PST is simple, but many EML to PST converters do not work fully with all kinds of files and scenarios. They are often custom-design to meet specific needs, like that of a large corporation. But there are excellent tools that have what it is needed to work safely to convert these files regardless of variables and different situations.

Here is the best Mac EML Converter for you!

Mac EML Converter

One such tool that we often recommend is “Mail Extractor Pro.” It is not just to convert EML to PST but also MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox, and Apple Mail to PST files. And it meets all the above criteria that this post discussed.

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If you are not sure and feeling hesitant to get it immediately, the free trial will give you more information without you having to commit to any commercial license. You can see it in detail and check out all the features that it brings and how it is different from other Mac EML converters.