A Smart OST to MBOX Converter that Simply WORKS!

OST to MBOX converter helps you to recover and convert ost data file into *.mbox file format many other email clients.

What is OST?

OST is a file that works internally with Outlook for storing your emails. It is not a personal data file and you cannot use it for purposes like import/export or archiving data. You cannot even manually use it with Outlook itself.

Therefore, when you are tasked with moving data in OST to other clients like Thunderbird, it can get further more time consuming and complicated. You need some kind of a file converter that can convert the files in OST format to other applicable formats supported by the client you are moving the data to.

This article today discusses one similar job of transferring the contents: from OST files to MBOX.

What is MBOX?

MBOX, unlike OST, is a generic file that can be used for multiple purposes in various programs and clients. It was first utilized by Mac Mail but since then has become a standard for storing email contents. Even Gmail uses MBOX to store your content that you can download as a local file for backup.

OST to MBOX Converter

The problem is that most of OST to MBOX converters are terrible. This is to be expected because the nature of both files is vastly different; their internal structure and how they store information is not at all similar, making the task of data extraction complicated. An ordinary OST to MBOX converter would fail to pick up on information like headers, images or other graphics, attachments, and more.

The OST to MBOX Converter for Mac & Win

This is why USL Software brought OST Extractor Pro that contains none of the old, outdated ways of processing your contents. It is the only smart converter that simply works in all scenarios and in all kinds of OST files.

ost to mbox

Apart from the excellent internal mechanism to process the emails and other items associated with them, OST Extractor Pro has a lot more to offer you:

  1. It is a complete migration utility for converting OST files to many other formats, not just MBOX. You can use it for moving OST data to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook native PST files, and generic EML files too.
  2. The tool allows manually picking or deselecting the folders once you have selected the OST file conversion. This removes the unnecessary headache of converting the entire database, whether or not you need to. Furthermore, the option to ignore all empty folders automatically in a single click offers a much needed relief.
  3. The precisely optimized algorithms work with the information within files in a thorough and clean manner. No amount of data is ever skipped or converted with errors. You will find that everything in the output MBOX files match the original data in OST. This not includes the data components but the arrangement of those components, primarily the folder hierarchy
  4. “OST Extractor Pro” also converts text in both emails and headers in all languages supported under Unicode. This has been a big issue with many users who communicate in non-English/ASCII text. But you no longer need to worry about that.
ost to mbox converter

OST to MBOX Converter Free Trial

Get a trial setup file below and double-click on it to begin installation. In less than, you will be able to start using the tool’s trial version and find out how all the features and interface work for you. It’s a perfect way to find out if it serves your needs or not.

I am confident that it will.

Get it today to import OST file to Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc email clients.

For any problems or queries before, during, or after the email migration, there is 24 x 7 available tech support to give you a hand and clear all your queries.