Is it Possible to Import EMLX Files to Outlook? If Yes, how!

Many of our readers ask is it possible to import EMLX files to Outlook. They have a lot of Mac Mail data that they want to import to Outlook (Windows or Mac). And since Mac Mail stores email messages in EMLX file (one email per file), it is natural to think importing EMLX to Outlook should work.

Import EMLX files to Outlook for Mac & Windows

So, let us get this out straight away: you cannot import EMLX files anywhere. It is not a personal data file intended for that use. Mac Mail uses this file internally for storing email messages; each email is stored under a single EMLX file. Attachments are stored in EMLXPART files and contacts and calendar are stored in other files.

There is no way you can manually use EMLX in any way.

But fortunately, we are not ending the article here. Whatever your intended goals for importing EMLX files to Outlook are, there is another way to reach there.

Best Way to Import EMLX files to Outlook

Instead of importing or converting EMLX or any other file, “Mail Extractor Pro”, a simple but effective solution, converts the primary ‘Mail’ database to PST files directly. Where PST is a file for Windows Outlook that you can also use to import to Mac version.

This approach works surprisingly quicker than any other tactic you might have read on the internet.

import emlx files to outlook

There are other modest attempts to convert the EMLX files but they all fall short of what you need. Many of the tools designed to crack the raw data file conversion are incomplete and crude, only dealing with the partial data. And nothing is worse than finding the elements of your precious emails losing their structure, metadata, or other finer details.

Therefore “Mail Extractor Pro” works the best with large and composite databases in a business-related data. It never neglects even the microscopic piece of information. Because sometimes, the tiniest data element might be the most important, such as an important client’s contact details, or projection charts of your company, or a personal photo you hold dear to. All such components are omitted by generic file converters.

How to import EMLX files to Outlook

There are choices with the tool making it more versatile.

Advanced Features:

  1. The full preview of the folders inside Apple Mail, allowing you to remove any folder you do not want to convert.
  2. The “Ignore all empty folders” option is self-explanatory and works wonders where the empty folders are plenty.
  3. Likewise, the conversion log is a helpful little addition to give you the information you might want to know about; it is much revered by savvy users.

In conclusion, you can forget about trying to import EMLX file to Outlook. It is impossible. But also forget about EMLX to PST converter, as they carry out countless errors in the output files.

How to import EMLX files to Outlook:

  1. Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ and install it.
  2. Open it on your Mac System.
  3. Click ‘Apple Mail: Load“.
  4. Use “Auto Load‘. (No need to export EMLX files).
  5. From ‘Preview Panel‘, Check/Uncheck folders to convert.
  6. Check/UncheckIgnore Empty Folders‘ to convert.
  7. Set PST file Size. (Recommended 15 GB).
  8. Then hit on “Convert“.
  9. Choose a folder to save the PST file.
  10. It will start converting your files.
  11. Once it completes, you easily import the files to Outlook.

emlx files to outlook

You do not have to take that same route anymore. “Mail Extractor Pro” is available in a free version to try and you can download the setup here instantly.