Import Mailbox to Outlook 2016 – 3 Reasons to Choose “Mail Extractor Pro”

Outlook 2016 can be referred to both Mac and Windows’ version. Luckily, the discussion here applies to both of them. Because Outlook 2016, MacOS or Windows, can import data using PST files. Although, it is proprietary format native to Windows Outlook.

Import Mailbox to Outlook 2016

If you are looking to import Mailbox (Apple Mail) into Outlook 2016, you need to convert Apple Mail data to PST files. Because Mailbox from Apple Mail do not allow storing data in any file format that can be used with Outlook. Its native file is called EMLX and you can archive into MBOX format, both of them are not for Outlook.

There are multiple ways of converting data into PST files if you want to import Mailbox to Outlook 2016 or ever newer version 2019. But the best one is through “Mail Extractor Pro”. It is a tool from USL Software that can give you the desired accuracy, control, and speed during the conversion process.

Import Mailbox to Outlook 2016

Here are a couple of reasons why you should choose “Mail Extractor Pro” out of dozens of other options that may be available on the net:

#1-Very straightforward to use:

USL Software has stripped many of the unnecessary steps to simplify the process. It now works by simply selecting the autoload and getting the data automatically ready for processing. No fuss with the data files or anything like that. The simple UI is very intuitive to use even by non-professionals and basic home users to convert data precisely.

Which neatly segues into the next point – precision…

#2- Unprecedented command over the integrity and details of the database:

Since it does not involve you loading raw data files like MBOX or EMLX manually, the tool is able to deliver unprecedented accuracy of the output files. The command it has over the tiny details like graphics, headers, Unicode text, MIME content, and so on is top-level. You will never notice any missing items or gaps in your folders.

Speaking of folders….

#3- Strict Folders Mapping with correct order:

Imagine losing the folders and their order. It can be devastating, especially if you have many folders neatly arranged into your preferred order. Many Mailbox to Outlook 2016 converters do not preserve your folders’ hierarchy. But “Mail Extractor Pro” does; thanks to the dedicated scripts that can map the arrays with acute precision, keeping the original sequence of folders as it was.

Import Mailbox to Outlook

Get free trial to import Mailbox to Outlook 2016

There are many other features that tie in together seamlessly, making the tool the most suitable choice for importing mailboxes into Outlook 2016. But we will leave that to you to find out. Get a trial version and check it out in more detail and find out why it is the most favored software solution by experts and naive users alike.

import mailbox into outlook 2016

The good thing about the trial mode is that it is not limited by time and has no restrictions on the features other than the fact that it limits conversion to ten items per folder.

Similar Tools

If you want to import folders from Outlook 2016 to Mailbox in Mac, try “OLM Extractor Pro,” a similar tool in power and usability, built for Outlook Mac (OLM) migration. It too comes with a free trial version, and is developed by USL Software itself.

Both tools come in several licenses for activation and are backed by the well-renowned tech support team of USL Software.

You are also entitled for free updates for lifetime that hone the performance of the tools even further and keep up the changes email clients and files go through constantly.

To import Mailbox to Outlook 2016, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.