Import Mails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Import Mails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird using a third-party Mac utility called “Mail Extractor Max”. It offers a lot more freedom, accuracy, and ease of use than the manual methods that don’t always result in the precise email migration.

Best Way to Import Mails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Importing mails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird can turn out to be quite complicated, if you haven’t done it before. Even for experts, it brings up a lot of challenges that don’t often have straight answers.

This is why we are bringing to you “Mail Extractor Max”. A Mac utility that would make this as simple as you want without taking away any feature or option that are necessary. It is a tool that results in far better migration in terms of data integrity, speed, and performance than any other software application in this category.

Import Mails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

You can directly download the tools’ free trial version to check it out yourself or continue reading below to find out more about how it works:

Load Data to ‘Mail Extractor Max’

The most popular feature it has is that it can take data as input in many different ways:

  1. Auto-load “Mail” folder where the data is stored by Apple Mail
  2. Load a “Mail” folder from any other backup location
  3. Load any “Apple Mail Mailbox Export” that you may have saved earlier.

As you can see, there are many ways to select the data you want to import to Thunderbird.

Import Emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Support Any Size of Mailbox and Fast Conversion

Second feature many users appreciate that it support large Mail database for conversion. It runs with a very fast speed and can convert multiple GBs of data in no time. Under the normal condition, “Mail Extractor Max” can process one GB of data in less than 10 minutes. This is 200% faster than any other generic tool for this purpose.

Maintain Your Folder Hierarchy Unchanged

Third, it has full support to extract and convert emails to Thunderbird while not changing the arrangement of mailbox folders. This is very important to them who have folders in multiple layers (sub-folders within sub-folders) that go very deep and can get complex.

Support Conversion of Unicode Contents

Fourth, the support to convert entire Unicode text standard makes the conversion of Non-English character clean and accurate. Few languages like Japanese and Chinese (because they use double-byte to encode a single character) can get problematic during such tasks. And only “Mail Extractor Max” ensures 100% conversion of any such writing systems used under Unicode universal standard.

100% Accurate Data Conversion

Besides Folder hierarchy and Unicode text, the application has specially designated algorithms to keep other complex data items in check. Such as images, headers, other metadata, email addresses, nested emails, attachments, and so on. The tools’ primary core to process information ensures nothing gets missed or modified in a wrong way.

import apple mail to thunderbird

Get it to Import Mails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

And last but not least, the team of experts at USL Software support can help you get out of any problem that you might be facing. Tech support can make a huge difference if your migration project for importing mails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird is on a very large scale, such as in an organization.

If you like it, you can download the installer file below instantly. No sign-up necessary to try it out.

apple mail to thunderbird

To Import Mails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird, try ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ today.