OST to Office 365 Converter – Import Data from Otherwise Inaccessible Files!

OST to Office 365 converter, it actually converts OST to PST file formats. Then you can easily import the data file into Office 365. Let’s know more about it.

Office 365 for Mac & Windows

Every software program that deals with data have the default function to store their data in particular files. Sometimes they use a proprietary file format; other times, it’s a generic file that is applicable with other programs too. Outlook falls in the latter category. It uses OLM file in Mac version and PST in Windows.

Why You Need an OST to Office 365 Converter?

Mac & Windows Outlook does not even support manually importing the OST files, even though it is a native file and a variant of PST.

This is because OST is used for other purposes, mainly to store data that can be accessed offline. This file is always in synced with the mailbox on servers except when Outlook is offline.

Which means that if you have a disconnected OST file without its original email account to sync data to servers, you cannot use it directly with Outlook.

OST to Office 365 Converter for Mac & Windows

The good news is that you can convert it to PST with accuracy using ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ and then import it like you would normally do.

The reason we picked “OST Extractor Pro” are plenty. There are other tools for the similar job but this one is perfect as it comes with all the essentials for successful conversion. It is also built by a reliable company that backs up all the tools with a 24 x 7 tech support, which is always handy.

ost to office 365 converter

The Key Features

OST Extractor Pro” comes with the following features that you will not find with other sub-standard and half-baked tools:

  1. If you have any non-English text characters, especially in Chinese and its other variant languages (like Japanese), you might find other ordinary tools miss these characters. Not “OST Extractor Pro.” It brings highly-refined and precise algorithms that support all Unicode languages like UTF and DBCS and more.
  2. The tool also has a dedicated system to map the folder hierarchy correctly. It is never fun to find the emails and folders not in their original arrangement, which is what a generic converter often ends up with.
  3. “OST Extractor Pro” has a simple interface that requires no prior experience or knowledge to use. You can launch it the next minute and get started with OST to PST conversion in no time.
  4. You can convert OST to other formats as well. PST is just one of the available output formats that you can choose from. Other options are Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and EML format.
  5. The manual option to remove any folder you do not want to convert is quite handy for users with large database. There are often old folders that are not needed anymore. It is better to remove or exclude them for cleaner and more efficient output. Moreover, the single-click option to exclude all empty folders is another little nifty feature that you will love.
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Try this OST to Office 365 Converter

You can try “OST Extractor Pro” without any risk through the free demo that USL Software offers. The download link below is instant without needing any sign-up or any other information from you. Just get the installer file, follow the instructions to install, and begin the free demo mode in under a minute. It is a fantastic opportunity to see all the features in action and find out how the tool fits your demands.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

Lastly, the support is a click away to answer your queries or assist you in whatever ways required. If you are looking for OST to Office 365 Converter, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro’ today.