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Recover Data from OST file

OST Extractor Pro will provide all the professional help you need.

A brief description of OST files:

OST files are offline folder in Microsoft outlook. They are used by the users to work offline when there is limited internet connectivity. These files can store data and the files are synced automatically with the exchange server when the server is online. But why after all these features, we need to convert them? There are many reasons but the biggest problem is with its incompatible file format. The file format is not supported by outlook. The file can’t be exported to outlook. Email clients refuse to take the OST file because of its format.

Convert your OST files to PST.

The solution for all the problems is PST file format. It is again a file format of Microsoft outlook but it comes with different pros. The file format is supported by outlook and other email clients. It plays a major role in email migration. Just convert your OST file to PST and restore anything from the file. The conversion of OST o PST is very simple but it is done manually, the task gets difficult. There are challenges that are faced by the users when they try to convert OST files to PST. The OST file can be anything. It can be of any size. This can be corrupted. It can be password protected. All these files are impossible to convert to PST format. For such scenarios we need professional help or any tool which is developed by experts.

Expert’s choice-‘OST Extractor Pro’

USL Software developed this wonderful tool for email migration and named it as –‘OST Extractor Pro’.  The tool is developed by a team of experts. There is a proper design of the tool and algorithms are designed by the professionals that run continuously in background of the tool. The tool is designed to help the user to convert the files easily without any hassle. The problems that a user can face while converting the files manually are solved by OST Extractor Pro.

recover data from OST file

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  • It is the safest tool to convert OST to PST files.
  • The result produced is 100% accurate.
  • Not even a single item from the file will be lost.
  • Everything on the files will be recovered without any fail.
  • Helpline is available to help you if any problem comes while converting the files.
  • You can download the software now for your windows/Mac system.

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