Technology becoming better day by day is both a boon as well as a curse.

Whenever a user buys any product it is his/her expectations that the item will last long and serve every function it has been designed for without any faults. The same expectation is when users install any EML or Mbox to PST converter software to import Apple Mail to Outlook app. To land on the right webpage and the right tool is not a task achievable easily in this 21st century. The main reason is due to the constantly increasing converter manufacturers.

Technology evolving to a better stage has certainly shown its side effects upon the converter industry as well. Building up the initial web pages of any software has become extremely easy due to the availability of multiple web designing and software building applications. Due to this several black parties have launched converter software comprising only of a few icons or features. So check out every converter software before giving the final permission to install it.

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro

For a busy and intelligent user as you this converter can be said to be the best choice. All the problems you had been facing in the former versions while importing Apple Mail to Outlook has been eradicated from their roots in this version of Mac Mail MBOX to Outlook migration. Also features you have wanted since a long time to ease your conversion experience has been fitted in abundance in this software. In basic words, this software is a smart approach to import Apple Mail to Outlook.

mail extractor pro

The Benifits

This converter has quite a few advantages which are not found in any other MBOX to PST converter tool. One feature which will simply make you jump with joy is the “File split up feature”. Earlier when it was the turn of bulk folders to get converted users would start cursing and sweating. This was because in those days bulk data had no well laid out path to reach the PST format destination. In the process of converting them, there were bound to be cases of data loss or file hierarchy rupture. So, users had to follow multiple methods to carry out the data transfer in order to keep the data safe. But there was no guarantee that even then the data will not face any modification during the import from Apple mail to Outlook. So USL Software is designed a perfect solution to avoid such bulk file problems.

This software will automatically split up or break down the bulk folder into small packets following which the conversion shall carried out sequentially packet by packet. And it doesn’t end here. Post importing Apple mail to Outlook the data shall be rearranged in the exact former hierarchy without needing any resetting from the user’s side until he/she wants to modify the former format. And regarding the smaller files, when the tool is operating at a high speed with the bulk ones then it is quite clear what the speed will be with the smaller files.