FAQs: OST Extractor Pro feat. Import OST to PST!

On a day to day basis, numerous users take up the job of import OST to PST! Beyond doubt, most of the users make use of third party converter tools to accomplish this project. Now email converter tools are developed to cut down the efforts of the users, however, the catch is to find that one tool which is well ordered and bankable.

Tool to Import OST to PST

A tool that meets such demands is OST Extractor Pro and it is 100% reliable for the job. The under-mentioned FAQs pertain to the job of import OST to PST.

import ost to pst

Q. How are OST files different from PST files?

A. The concept underlying the whole import OST to PST job is the disparity between the two formats- OST and PST. While both come from the family of Microsoft Outlook, yet they are extremely different in their make. OST works with Microsoft Exchange Servers whereas PST works with all the other servers except Exchange. Another major difference between the two is that OST files are the offline files whereas PST files are not. The reasons that trigger the need for export of OST to PST range from simple backup requirements to nasty corruption of OST files. However, one tool that is effective in providing perfect results for this job is OST Extractor Pro!

Q. Why should one use OST Extractor Pro for import OST to PST?

A. The whole point of using a third party converter tool is to speed up the process and get precise results at the end of it. OST Extractor Pro makes sure that this aspect is fulfilled for the users. This tool gives out the fastest conversions while maintaining full accuracy of the data. Along with this, the tool is extremely simple to use. Some major reasons for using OST Extractor Pro for import OST to PST are as follows:

  • Safe to use
  • Fast and accurate conversions
  • Converts every single elements such as contacts, calendars, attachments, non-English content, Unicode content, and the like
  • Maintains folder hierarchy structure
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable background as it has been created by USL Software
  • Accepts OST files from all sources like ANSI OST file, Outlook versions 97-2019
  • Creates PST files directly downloadable and usable in Outlook
  • Comes in 4 different license keys

Q. Can OST Extractor Pro recover corrupted OST files?

A. OST Extractor Pro is a powerful converter tool that has advanced technology within. This tool, with its steady logic and algorithms in the background, tackles even the most convoluted aspects of the job. The OST files are prone to become damaged or inaccessible but OST Extractor Pro is able to recover the entire data just fine. As a matter of fact, the PST files created by this tool are absolutely refined in their appearance and function. In short, this efficient tool designed for import OST to PST can recover and rebuild any kind of OST files offered to it.

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