Trying to Open MBOX in Windows Outlook? It won’t work. Here’s what Does!

Open MBOX in Windows or Mac Outlook is futile; if you are trying, you just cannot.


MBOX is one of the most commonly used file today for storing emails and other items. Apple Mail (now simply called ‘Mail’), Thunderbird, Postbox, and many other emailing software uses MBOX. Even Google lets you download your emails from their services into an MBOX file.

However, it is not applicable with Outlook clients, neither in Windows version nor in Mac.

You can however convert the MBOX file to the Outlook format called PST.

At this point, you may be wondering, what is PST.


It is the native and proprietary file from Microsoft only for Outlook to store emails and other type of contents like contacts. You can use it for importing data into Mac version but it doesn’t work for exporting data to PST. It stands for ‘Personal Storage Table’ and also has a variant called OST, for offline use but is not used for importing or migrating data, so doesn’t apply to this.

Open MBOX in Windows Outlook / Mac Outlook

On surface, this doesn’t bad. If you want to open MBOX in Windows or Mac Outlook or import it, converting the files to PST sounds clear-cut process. Through a third-party file conversion utility, it could be done in no time.

However, many of such utilities from third-parties are not built up to the standard required for clean migration. They lack the algorithms and internal framework to secure the emails and all the details with them.

They also fail to keep up with the productivity demand of many users in today’s time. Many don’t want to keep aside an entire day to do this, and yet, an ordinary MBOX to PST converter takes exactly that long, sometimes more.

Add to that, the cluttered interfaces that can create a whole new category of problems that shouldn’t exist otherwise. A user-interface is the most important part of any software through which the users can interact with its functionality. An excellent set of features with a non-friendly interface is like a car with great engine but no steering-wheel.

The Best Way to Open MBOX in Windows / Mac Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro finally brings a functional yet simple to use interface that will appeal to everyone from all walks of life – from decades-long experienced IT expert to basic home users without any expertise.

open mbox in Windows

It is unfortunate that MBOX is not compatible with Outlook. Both MBOX and Outlook have a massive set of users worldwide.

Therefore, trying to open MBOX in Windows Outlook or Mac and realizing it is not possible can be frustrating. But more than that, it is the obscure and ineffective methods still circulating that could truly make a productive user mad. Mail Extractor Pro gets the job done right, without any lapses, and works for everyone.

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